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pixie_ecstasy's Journal

Eaghan Scarlette
28 March 1989
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My name is BaileyPixie. I'm twenty-two years oldyoung. I was born March 28, 1989, making me an aries ♈ and a snake. I was born in Pennsylvania, but spent most of my life in Maryland. I am currently in college working on my Associates Degree in Photography, from there I will get my Bachelors and hope to open my own business and/or be a Photography Teacher. I love making graphics. I also like most crafts (sewing, knitting, making jewelry, crocheting, etc.) I love to draw and paint, but I am not very good at it. I love to read and watch movies. I have two older sisters (28 and 25), and a younger brother (13) and a proud aunt to Connor (3) and Kyleigh (18 months). And also a very proud sister-in-law to a Marine.



Photography. Reading. Writing. Sewing. Knitting. Crocheting. Making jewelry. Kandi. Drawing. Harry Potter. Twilight.

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